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Leveraging technology and training within the framework of efficient and effective patient care has become critical in today's practice environment.  This has become key where MIPS criteria, ICD 10, HIPAA version 5010 and e-prescribe initiatives have dominated the healthcare conversation.  Success requires the marriage of technology and process through infrastructre improvements, integration of software with workflow, and the development of human capital. We manage this process from needs assessments to vendor coordination in order to maximize potential and prevent cost overruns. 

Strategic Planning

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Sustained growth can occur with a strong foundation, we prepare the practice strategically by establishing those foundations through the identification of opportunities to enhance profitability via in house revenue capture. We have initiated and managed growth strategies which have involved practice refinancing, mergers and acquisitions, professional staff recruiting, and developed marketing plans to improve business volume. 

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As a clinician would approach a patient, we perform a practice analysis using subjective and objective data to assess the overall health of the practice.  A plan with realistic milestones is developed based on our practice review to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. Our years of experience allow us to do this quickly and efficiently, providing you with a written business plan for change and growth.  We work closely with existing staff to help the practice achieve its goals. 

We work with and train your existing staff to improve everything from your billing collection percentage to your personnel management on a day to day basis.  We meet regularly with the owner or partners to make sure that we all understand and agree in the direction we need to take to achieve the opeartional objectives required.  Out goals ar to speed up the revenue cycle, properly organize the patient management process, optimize cash generation opportunitites, and manage the staff professionally and fairly.