David Lo

Years of experience: 15
Position: Senior Consultant

A graduate of Harvard University, BA 1963; Northwestern University, MBA 1969, Dartmouth University Graduate School of Credit and Financial Management 1976. Mr. LeRoy was a Vice President at the Bank of New York, a Senior Vice President at J Henry Schroder (New York and London) handling loans, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital, turn around management and has raised equity in both the domestic and off shore markets.  Since the early 1990's he has spent his time in the medical practice management arena, managing both publicly and privately held businesses and practices that were in extremis, he has multiplied many times the revenues of successful practices, he has substantially improved the net worth of the physicians with whom he has worked. 

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About Us

Allied MD was established specifically to provide physicians with professional financial and administrative services needed to compete and succeed in today's medical business environment. Good people and good care yield good outcomes in both the medical and business world.  Allied MD has been providing management solutions to clients for over 15 years.  Our sole mission is to allow physicians to be physicians by assisting practitioners with the burdens of executive management.

Earned his MBA from Georgian Court University with a concentration in Organizational Behavior.  He graduated with honors and is a member of the Delta Mu Delta International Honors Society in Business Administration.  In the late 90's he served on the Board of Trustees of Project Freedom as the Chair of the Personnel Committee, a non-profit organization which provided low income barrier free housing for individuals with disabilities. Starting in primary care management, he has over 15 years of medical practice management experience across multiple specialties from single physician practices to multi specialty groups.  He is a member of the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA).

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Harris Leroy

Years of experience: 25
Position: Senior Consultant

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